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Powers to Arrest
(40 hours - NOT RESTRICTED)

The Private Security Officer is now required to complete forty (40) hours of training within the first six months of obtaining the state guard card. This training can be divided into three sections, which must be completed within a six month period, or as a single block of instruction over a one week, 40-hour training period.


In order to take the Powers to Arrest course, you must have no convictions for drug addiction, misdemeanor or felony theft, misdemeanor or felony crimes of violence or firearm violations.

A. Section One - Powers To Arrest lecture and examination. Once the examination is passed with a 100% score the applicant is registered online with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The Weapons of Mass Destruction interactive DVD course is administered to complete the required training for the Guard Registration Card. The Applicant must then have their fingerprints transmitted to FBI and California DOJ via LIVESCAN. Once the applicant is cleared by FBI, Calif. DOJ and BSIS they can be employed in the security field. The Guard Registration Card is issued by the state to the individual and a Certificate of Completion is issued by the academy.


B. Section Two - Consists of four, 4-hour blocks of mandated materials, totaling sixteen (16) hours. This section of training must be completed within the first thirty days after the Security Officer has received their Guard Card. The applicant may select the 40-hour course which includes this section automatically. Upon successful completion the officer is issued the appropriate Certificates of Completion as required by the bureau.


C. Section Three - Final required section that must be completed within the first five months after the officer has received their guard card. It consists of four, 4-hour blocks of instruction, which have been mandated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Upon completion of this section of training the officer is issued the required Certificates of Completion.


D. Annual Training Requirements - The bureau has placed a new requirement on the Private Security Officers in the State of California. The Private Security Officer is now required to complete eight (8) hours of training annually. This training can be a review of the Powers To Arrest course or any of the other APPROVED courses by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
(4 hours - RESTRICTED for Security Officers and Law Enforcement only)

This course is an interactive Instructor, DVD and Student work book program. The material discusses the WMD environment, suspicious objects, suspicious persons, suspicious activities, etc. The student is taught the appropriate manner in which to handle various situations and what actions are available, appropriate and safe to take.



Teargas/OC-Pepper Spray (4 hours - NOT RESTRICTED)

The Department of Justice's teargas course for all security officers and private persons cover the legal aspects in state and Federal levels as they pertain to the use and carrying of chemical agents. The psychological and physiological effects are also discussed and explored.

Security Officer Firearms (14 hours - RESTRICTED)

The basic B.S.I.S. firearms course discusses legal and moral issues, situational shooting, shooting techniques, proper drawing methods, shooting mechanics and range qualification. Technical coaching and private lessons are available. Everything included except the initial state fee. This course meets D.O.J HSC requirements.

Firearms Re-Qualification (4 hours - RESTRICTED)

This course is conducted at the shooting range and takes approximately four hours. There is no written examination, but the shooter must pass the minimum required score with the firearm/s they are approved to carry. The course must be completed every four to six months per the BSIS requirements.


Firearm Permit Renewal Course (4 to 6 hours)

The Firearm Permit Renewal Course requires the permit holder to complete a two (2) hour “Escalation of Force lecture.” The officer must then take and pass the written examination prior to attending the range qualification. The officer must qualify at the range with each of the weapons they opt to have listed on their permit.


Police Straight and Side-Handle Baton (8-14 hours - RESTRICTED)

  • The 8-hour B.S.I.S. and Monadnock Pre-basic course is designed to teach the legal aspects, first aid, striking points, maintenance, carry methods, basic position techniques, and long extended techniques.
  • The Straight Baton Course is an 8-hour basic B.S.I.S. course which covers the above techniques as they apply to the straight police baton.
  • The Baton Advanced Techniques Course teaches the following: review of basic techniques, adds wrist drags, arm locks, take downs, combinations thereof and baton retention techniques.

Handgun Safety Course D.O.J. (3 or 6 hours with range - NOT RESTRICTED)

This course is required to obtain the HSC card required to purchase any firearm in the State of California. Instruction in basic firearms handling, loading/unloading, operation of, shooting techniques, home safety and maintenance of firearms. For Range Firing add 3 hours for hands-on loading, unloading and live fire. Six-hour course includes range fee/ammo/target/gun rental.

Combat Shooting (4-5 hours - NOT RESTRICTED)

Teaches methods of combat shooting as taught to police and military personnel. Point shooting techniques beginning in daylight and ending in low light conditions, shoot/don't shoot situations. (Prerequisite HSC or Security Firearm course.)


Night Shooting (4-5 hours - NOT RESTRICTED)

Upon completion of combat shooting techniques, this course involves night (dark) target acquisition, identification and shooting. It begins under dusk lighting conditions and continues in a night (dark) shooting environment. Prerequisite HSC or Security Firearm course.

Firearms Maintenance/Cleaning (2 hours - NOT RESTRICTED)

Lecture and practical exercise on the correct cleaning and preventative maintenance of your firearm by disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.

Arrest Control/Handcuffing Techniques (4 hours min - RESTRICTED)

Teaches the correct methods of approach, stance, body language, officer safety, techniques for control of suspects (psychological and physical), how to apply control holds for suspect movement and/or handcuffing. Techniques include hand holds and baton holds.

Weaponless Defense Techniques (4 hours min - NOT RESTRICTED)

Defensive techniques derived from several forms of Martial Arts for self defense and suspect control. Includes control holds, takedowns, throws, weapon takeaways, blocking methods, and breakaway escape techniques. Many of these techniques are taught in police academies state wide.

Report Writing Methods (4 hours min - NOT RESTRICTED)

Instruction in note taking methods for efficient report writing. Discussion of report writing elements, facts versus conclusions, listing and preservation of evidence. Practical application in report writing for incident, accident, crime, arrest, bomb threats, etc. Also, includes officer log entry procedures.





BPPVE Approved and

BSIS Licensed TFB/TFF 260

RESTRICTED courses are for certified security officers, private investigators and peace officers.


NOT RESTRICTED courses are open to any interested individual.


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